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Book Sanitizer Gets Top Platinum in 2021 Modern Library Awards As Voted By Our Library Customers

ILS Book Sanitizer
Receives Platinum In 2021 Modern Library Awards

For Immediate Release:

Maryland, Jan. 15, 2021 – International Library Services Inc. (ILSinc), a leader in innovation for the modern library, is pleased to announce it has received a platinum award in LibraryWorks’ seventh annual Modern Library Awards (MLAs.) The MLAs were created to recognize the top products and services in the library industry as judged by customers using each product.

“We are honored and greatly pleased to receive this award in recognition of our devotion to the Library Industry and for making a difference in the safety of our communities by returning library staff and patrons to safe openings and quicker re-circulation.”

Fred E. Goodman, President/CEO, ILSinc.

The ILS Book Sanitizer is the first UVGI book and media TABLETOP sanitizer. The machine kills the COVID-19 virus, pathogenic bacteria, and mold with the use of UV-C bulbs and has been laboratory certified. It stands to be the most cost-effective on the market that has been specifically designed for Libraries of all types to include: Schools, Public, Special and Academic. The ILS Book Sanitizer is also currently the best-priced sanitizer available on the market. As the fastest in the industry, it sanitizes up to 6 books in just 30 seconds allowing organizations to save hours and hours of labor and replace it with 30 seconds. This state of the art machine utilizes UV-C (UVGI) light along with high air pressure to remove dust and kill pathogenic germs. Lamp positioning and high-pressure air circulation ensure that all parts of the book are sanitized to include the spine, pages, and cover. The ILS Book Sanitizer not only sanitizes books for quick recirculating, but it can also be used for laptops, tablets, hot spots, DVDs, CDs, keyboards, masks, and even children’s books, book bags, and reusable shopping bags. The compact design and quiet operation allows libraries to place the unit wherever it is most convenient for use by either staff or patrons. This Book Sanitizer goes the extra mile too with a deodorizing feature to help your books, etc. smell great. There is no installation required. Just plug it into a regular wall socket (110/120) and it is ready to go.

“It’s hardly a surprise that ILS scored so well. They’ve been at the forefront of the industry since their company entered the market over 40 years ago.”

Jenny Newman, publisher and MLA program manager

For more information about ILS and its products, please visit www.pikinc.biz or call 301-916-1500 ext 256.

About ILS

International Library Services Inc. (ILSinc), provides exceptional technology services to a wide range of libraries and the patrons they serve. Working with ILSinc. means that you are working with a team of experts in the library industry. We have decades of combined experience in leading edge innovation for your library technology and information systems, but our real expertise is listening. While our solutions aim to solve common problems, we know that every organization is different. We use tried and true design methodologies to make sure that our solutions have the flexibility to solve your problems in a way that works for you. We take pride in the solutions we offer and the work we do. Operating for more than 40 years, we have earned a reputation for high-quality service and support. The sale of one of our solutions is just the beginning of our relationship.

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About the Modern Library Awards Program

The Modern Library Awards (MLAs) is a review program designed to recognize elite products and services in the market which can help library management personnel enhance the quality-of-experience for the library user and increase the performance of their library systems.

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ILS Tabletop Sanitizer


  • Sanitizes 6 books in under 30 seconds
  • UVC (UVG) Ultraviolet Light Technology
  • High-Pressure Air Circulation
  • Sanitizes books, Laptops, Tablets, DVDs, CDs, Hot Spots, Cell Phones, & More
  • Deodorizing Feature
  • Compact Design for Table-top Set Up
  • Standard Plug-In
  • One Year Warranty*

ILS Super Sanitizer


  • Largest capacity on the market
  • Sanitizes up to 20 books in just minutes
  • UVC (UVG) Ultraviolet Light Technology
  • High-Pressure Air Circulation
  • Sanitizes books, Laptops, Tablets, DVDs, CDs, Hot Spots, Cell Phones, & More
  • Standard Plug-In
  • One Year Warranty*

PLSJ uses CARES Act Funding- Purchases New Ultraviolet Ray Book Sterilizers for each branch to reduce book and media quarantining to 30 seconds.

Photo courtesy of The Weirton Daily Times. Pictured: Donna Straney, library assistant at the Main Library.

The Public Library of Steubenville and Jefferson County recently added ILS Book Sanitizers to each of their branches with pandemic support funds. “The sterilizers were purchased with money from the CARES Act funding. The state’s Office of Budget and Management distributed funds to Ohio’s public libraries.” PLSJ has a total of 6 branches and an additional BookMobile Service.

“Our wait time for popular books and other library materials has been reduced.”

Librarian, PLSJ main branch

Check out their local news article here

The use of the book and media sanitizers allows their libraries to be as safe as possible while being more efficient in providing books to patrons. All items are sterilized while quarantine time is reduced from 3 days to just 30 seconds.

Watch their video here

Illiteracy rates have greatly increased in this season as resources for continued growth in literature have been far less accessible. Aiming for the quickest possible return of books and materials to circulation is more important than ever and the use of grants and funding is a great way to do it.

Per the World Literacy Foundation, the Covid 19 Pandemic is causing a catastrophic rise in illiteracy. Data shows large declines in early literacy and a drop in students meeting benchmarks. Major reductions in book and media circulation are leading to limited to little access to resources, pointing towards an urgent need to keep schools and libraries open. Then the question arises, how do we remain open and keep staff, patrons, and our communities SAFE?

With safety as a huge concern, public libraries across the country, as well as school libraries, are quarantining all materials for a minimum of 72 hours if sterilizing equipment is not available. While safety is the highest priority, the quarantine process poses a problem with book circulation, especially in high volume libraries. The addition of the sterilizers, not only increases reachability but enables the libraries to provide a higher quality of safety for both their staff and community.

Looking for funding options for improved safety and contactless solutions???

American Libraries and Museums Awarded $13.8 Million in IMLS CARES Act Grants. While resources are exhausted at this time, the good news is that they plan to award more. “For FY 2021, we urge Congress to provide full funding for the Institute of Museum and Library Services, including $42.7 million for the Office of Museum Services and $206 million for the administration of the Library Services and Technology Act. The IMLS is funded under the Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education Appropriations bill.” See the full document here or keep an eye out for upcoming IMLS funding announcements here.

In addition to IMLS CARES Act funding, information on CARES Act: Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund can be found here. Per their most recent update additional grant opportunities may be coming. “Information regarding the distribution of these funds is forthcoming and will be posted on this website when available.”

CARES Act funding is not the only option either, Library Grants is a great resource for current library grant offerings for both public libraries and school libraries. This blog provides a regularly updated list of opportunities along with a wealth of information and required deadlines. For instance, The American Library Association is currently taking applications for their second wave of Libraries Transforming Communities: Focus on Small and Rural Libraries grant. “Up to 650 U.S. libraries in small and rural communities will receive $3,000, online professional development, and resources to tackle issues ranging from media literacy to COVID-19 safety to unemployment.” The 2nd application period ranges from January 4 – March 4, 2021.

Join Steubenville and hundreds of other Public, Academic and School Libraries in returning books and materials to circulation, quicker and safer with the ILS Sanitizers.

Bellaire Library Joins the Forces to ReOpen Safely

This photo courtesy of The Times Leader, Author Shelley Hanson
Bellaire Public Library Director Mary Roberts, left, and Assistant Director Mary DeGenova remove their masks momentarily while posing with the library’s new book sanitizer.

The Bellaire Public Library of Bellaire, OH joined the efforts to protect their patrons and their community as we all strive to reopen libraries safely. Library Director Mary Roberts stated that

“For the safety of the people who work here and the community, this is a good investment,” Roberts said.

Check Out The Article Here

Full article below taken from The Times Leader, and credited to Author Shelley Hanson

BELLAIRE — At first glance the contraption looks like a large microwave, one big enough to cook a very large turkey.

But it’s not that at all.

It is actually a device to kill germs — including the virus that causes COVID-19 — on books, DVDS, CDs and more, and it is being used at the Bellaire Public Library.

Library Director Mary Roberts said the library purchased the device for $4,575 from International Library Service Inc. of Potomac, Md. Several items can be placed into the device, called the Ultraviolet Ray Book Sterilizer, at one time.

The library uses the device on all its books and other materials that fit before putting them back onto the shelves for other patrons to use again. Prior to getting the machine, the library would quarantine the books for four days before wiping them clean. Patrons, however, did not like the wait time and the library did not want to use liquids on the books.

Roberts said the machine is a good investment as it is keeping patrons and workers safe. She believes long after the COVID-19 pandemic has ended the library will continue to use it, as library books can get pretty dirty, she said.

While the machine has a timer for various “cooking” times, the directions say 30 seconds is enough. Most of the books are hung on wire racks inside and some can be placed on the bottom as well. An air blower inside helps clean them, too. During the process, one person is designated the loader, while a second person handles only the clean books. Gloves are worn by each worker during the process.

“For the safety of the people who work here and the community, this is a good investment,” Roberts said.

During the statewide shutdown of businesses declared non-essential by the state, library workers did deep cleaning of the facility and some much-needed reorganizing and inventory.

See how Oneonta Public Library is protecting their Patrons as we #reopenlibraries

Oneonta Public Library might be a small town library but they are doing BIG things to serve their patrons and community in this Pandemic season. When PIKinc and International Library Services launched the very first Book Sanitizer offered in the US, OPL Director, Ricky Statham, jumped on getting one. The ILS Book Sanitizer is one of a kind in the industry right now, sanitizing up to 6 books in 30 seconds, with its compact design, simple counter-top set up and standard plug-in. This state of the art machine utilizes UV-C (UVGI) light along with high air pressure to remove dust and kill pathogenic germs.  Lamp positioning and high-pressure air circulation ensure that all parts of the book are sanitized to include the spine, pages, and cover. The compact design and quiet operation allows Libraries to place the unit wherever it is most convenient for use. On top of all that, books are not all that this Sanitizing Machine takes care of. Let Ricky tell you all about what he and his team are using the ILS Book Sanitizing Machine for. 

The ILS Book Sanitizer not only sanitizes books for quick recirculating, but it can also be used for Laptops, Tablets, Hot Spots, DVDs, CDs, Keyboards, Masks, and even Children’s Books, book bags, and reusable shopping bags. “The possibilities are really endless. Just put them in, close the door, push the button, and 30 seconds later, everything is clean”, said Ricky, the Library Director at Oneonta Public Library.

This Book Sanitizer goes the extra mile too with a deodorizing feature to help your books, etc. to smell great. The deodorizer compartment holds a standard 6.5 oz fragrance spray-can, easily picked up at most local stores. At Oneonta Public Library, they aren’t just keeping it safe, they are using this aspect of the machine to make it fun! Check out how they plan to use this feature to spice it up a little for the upcoming holidays.

With all that the ILS Book Sanitizer machine offers, it would be perfect for Public Schools, Private Schools, Daycares, and community service entities. Being community-centered, see how our clients are also reaching out to local First Responders and Health Care Workers to offer the use of the machine to sanitize their masks. Ricky, Library Director of Oneonta Public Library, said, “They do so much for us every day and this is just our little way of serving them.”

Not only did Ricky make sure his Library got one of the ILS Book Sanitizing Machines, but he “wants to make sure that other Libraries know about the machines, how much of a difference they are making, and how to get their own.

We took hours and hours of manpower and replaced it with 30 seconds.”

-Ricky Statham, Library Director Oneonta Public Library

Mount Vernon Public Library Brings First Media Box to New York State

PIKinc was honored to partner with Mount Vernon Public Library to bring the very first library media box to New York State. We unveiled the machine at this year’s annual American Library Association Conference in June. Checkout their press release.

Mount Vernon Public Library Brings First Media Box
to New York State
Ribbon Cutting Thursday, July 11 at 1:00 pm
Mount Vernon Public Library, 28 South 1st Avenue

Join us as we cut the ribbon on a state of the art loaning device that will make borrowing and returning movies and CD’s more convenient. Mount Vernon Public Library Trustee Board President, Oscar Davis, Jr. along with elected officials and dignitaries will cut the ribbon to officially open the newest Hi-Tech addition to the Library on Thursday, July 11, 2019 at 1:00pm. The Library Media™ Box will be the first of its kind installed in the State of New York.Mr. Davis comments that, “The Mt. Vernon Public Library strives itself to provide the newest and most advanced products available for its Library Patrons.” Mr. Davis further states that “As the Central Library of Westchester County, the Mount Vernon Public Library focuses on developing unique and current collections that build on technological advances, and serving the diversity of patrons throughout the county. The Library Media Box™ is an example of these Technological Advances.”Library Director Evania Thompson shares, “We are the first library within New York State to offer this state-of-the-art device to our library patrons. We take great pride in continuing to offer elite services throughout Westchester County.”The Library Media Box™ manufactured by Public Information Kiosk, a Division of International Library Services of Potomac Maryland, is a Kiosk that will hold and dispense 750 of the latest DVD’s and Music CD’s. The collection will be visible on the Kiosk Monitor in the Library Main Lobby on South First Avenue and on the Libraries Web Site so that Patrons can browse and reserve DVD’s or Music Cd’s for pick up when they arrive at the Library.The Library Media Box™ was purchased with funds provided by a grant through the New York State DLD Construction Grant. The Mt. Vernon Public Library was built in 1905 with funds donated by Andrew Carnegie, it is the only remaining library in Westchester County operating in the footprint of the original building. It is a member of the Westchester Library System and the Central Library for Westchester County New York. The Library now houses more than 350,000 items including books, periodicals, streaming media, CDs, DVDs, movies, electronic content eBooks, eMagazines, digital audio books, online databases and more, as well as providing public-use computers, museums passes, literacy programs and special events and activities for every age.For further information, please contact: Evania Thompson, Library Director at Ethompson@wlsmail.org

Oliver Walcott Public Library Is Back For Another Lending Library!

The Oliver Wolcott Public Library in Litchfield CT installed a Lending Library in September of 2010 in a grocery store and they are back to upgrade their machine. (You can read about their first installation here.) After almost 10 years of standing relationship with the Wolcott Library, we are excited to be working with Library Director Anne Marie White and Audra McClaren to install the new Lending Library Machine at the Big Value in Bantam. The OWL Box responds to the busy life of working adults and families. “Libraries are essential and this allows even more residents that full and free access to essential information that entertains, enlightens, and informs,” said White about the first machine installation. The new machine will be funded by grant from a local foundation just as the prior one. Stay tuned for photos to come!

Lending Library’s Vending Machine Extending Service In Litchfield

This post taken from the Wolcott Newspaper.

Lending library’s vending machine extending service in Litchfield


Residents of Bantam no longer have to visit Oliver Wolcott Library to grab a book, an audio book, or a DVD.

Now they can do it at Bantam’s Big Value Supermarket.

The library, using two grants totaling $36,500, has installed a vending machine anyone with a library card can use to check out materials. Known as the OWL Box, it’s the first machine of its kind in the state, according to Oliver Wolcott Library’s director, Anne Marie White.

“We wanted to reach out to the people in Bantam and others in that area who can’t always get to the center of town,” White said. “Providing greater access to our materials is a goal, and we thought Big Value would be an ideal place to do it.” From the library in Litchfield to the store in Bantam is about 3.5 miles.

The machine, which is roughly the same size as a food or soda vending machine, is stationed at the entrance to the store. It is full of materials library card holders can check out by inserting their library card. Card holders from any library in the state can use the machine.

Mary Tetreault of Bantam has already dipped into the OWL Box and finds it convenient and easy to use.

“If I need something, it’s a lot easier to go there than into Litchfield,” Tetreault said. “I’m sure I’ll use it often.”

The machine has gone over well with Bantam’s senior citizens, Tetreault said. Big Value is close to Bantam’s two senior citizen housing communities and is a pick-up and drop-off point for the town’s senior citizen bus.

Grants of $25,000 from the Praxair Foundation and $11,500 from the Seherr-Thoss Foundation of Litchfield funded the purchase of the machine. Its contents are updated several times a week, White said.

The machine extends the library’s reach to Bantam at no cost to the town, which funds about half of the library’s annual budget.

“We’re offering more without adding staff and overhead,” White said.