Innovation for the Modern Library

Book Sanitizers

Now tested & proven to fight against COVID19, the ILS Book Sanitizers are the perfect solution to best protect and serve your staff, patrons, and communities. We are proud to say that we offer the highest-capacity sanitizing machines for the best value.

Intelligent Locker Systems

These fully customizable Intelligent Locker Systems are a convenient way to extend your library’s reach and create contactless service in the current season. Lockers also help to increase library circulation and allow you to reach your patrons’ needs.

Library Media Boxes

Manage your library’s media with ease with the Library Media Box. This unique dispensing machine was built from the ground up with your library in mind. These dispensing machines hold up to 3,000 CDs, DVDs, Games, Audio Books, etc.

Book Lending Machines

The Lending Library helps extend the reach of your library by providing your most popular materials in remote locations from your library. It’s the perfect outreach tool and a great way to create contactless pick-up. The Lending Library is ideal for giving your patrons the materials they want when and where they want them.