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At PIKinc., we understand that a solution doesn’t just have to hit the bullseye — it has to hit multiple bullseyes from multiple directions in order to be truly successful. Our solutions aim to solve issues from all fronts. We can make it look pretty and simple to use for the patron, we can minimize the time it takes for the everyday staff to administer, and we can lessen the load on your IT department…not to mention that our solutions often cost less than the competition. Let us develop a solution that hits the mark for your organization.

Book Sanitizers

ILS Book Sanitizer at Oneonta Pubic Library Demonstration

about our book sanitizers

The Lending Library

  • PIKinc Lending Library St. Thomas Full Custom Graphic Wrap
  • St. Thomas Lending Library by PIKinc. installed in mall
  • St. Thomas Lending Library by PIKinc. installed in mall. Ribbon Cutting Event
  • St. Thomas Lending Library Machine by PIKinc.
  • PIKinc Lending Library and Media Box Stark County
  • PIkinc Lending Library Stark County Smart Monitor
  • PIKinc Lending library Stark County 24:7 book vending machine
  • Stark County Lending Library by PIKinc. with Custom Graphics located in Smart Store Vestibule
  • Stark County Lending Library by PIKinc. located in Smart Store Vestibule
  • The Anaheim Public Library has a book vending machine in ARTIC in Anaheim for the convenience of checking out books, turning them in and getting a library card. ARTIC is the Anaheim Regional Transportation Intermodal Center.

///ADDITIONAL INFO: book.vending.02xx  - shot 121116 -  ANA VENEGAS, ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER

The Anaheim Public Library has a book vending machine in ARTIC in Anaheim for the convenience of checking out books, turning them in and getting a library card.
  • Anoka City PL has installed a PIKinc Lending Library in a YMCA
  • PIKinc. Lending Library- Oliver Wolcott Public Library installed in Big Value Grocery Store

The Lending Library helps extend the reach of your library by providing your most popular materials in remote locations from your library. It’s the perfect outreach tool! The Lending Library is ideal for giving your patrons the materials they want, when and where they want them:

  • recreation centers
  • community centers
  • grocery stores
  • transportation centers
  • outside your library for 24 hour access (with overhang)

Integrated with your library system, items are accessed with an active library card.

Stock up to 500 items, depending on material type: Hardcover Adult, Paperback, Juvenile, DVDs, Talking Books, Foreign Language, & more!

Barcode and RFID options for circulation and stocking.

Complete integration with your ILS via SIP2 included!

1 year warranty provided for all software and hardware, including coverage for all parts and labor.

72″ High x 44″ Wide x 37.8″ Deep

Optional Features:

  • PIN Pad
  • Graphic Wrap
  • LED Sign
  • Lexan Alternative

Compared to other lending machines that can cost up to 4 times as much, the Lending Library is much more affordable.

The Library Media Box


Manage your library’s media with ease with the Library Media Box! This unique dispensing machine was built from the ground up with your library in mind. It modular design holds up to 3,000 CDs, DVDs, Games and Audio Books in specially designed and furnished slim-line cases. The Media Box provides security for your materials since a library card is necessary before the discs are dispensed. The system is programmed to connect directly to your ILS via SIP2 for library card authentication.

Patrons interact with the machine via a touch screen that makes it easy for browsing the library’s collection with a user-friendly menu. There is no staff intervention required for checkout or return of your most popular items, yet they remain completely secure until the patron has been authorized to check them out. If you are currently employing any other type of security mechanism for your discs, the Library Media Box will save significant amounts of time and energy for your staff. If you don't use any security for your media now, your savings will come in the form of materials that don't just walk out the door!

The Library Media Box features one console for browsing, receiving, and returning the CD, DVD, Game or Audio Book. Optional browsing/reservation touch screens can be added on side panels or anywhere in the library for multiple users. The entire collection of inventory can be viewed from any PC when integrated into the library’s website with the optional reservation module. Once a reservation has been placed on a disc, the customer merely scans their library card on the Library Media Box to retrieve their disc.


  • Touch screen monitor for browsing
  • High precision industrial strength robotic design and construction
  • Shock resistant structure
  • Fully customized graphics on exterior
  • Bulk load feature allows staff to insert CD’s/DVD’s with minimal patron disruption
  • Complete SIP2 integration with your ILS included
  • CD/DVD/GAMES/AUDIO BOOKS capacity of up to 750, 1500, 2250 or 3000
  • Discs contained in custom slim-line cases which are included with purchase

Available Options

  • Reservation module
  • Touchscreens for browsing and selection by additional library customers simultaneously
  • Works with RFID or barcodes


Model 750

  • 20" d x 87" h x 50" w

Model 1500

  • 20" d x 87" h x 98.5" w

Model 2250

  • 20" d x 87" h x 147" w

Model 3000

  • 20" d x 87" h x 195"
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