Innovation for the Modern Library

Book Sanitizers

“Our wait time for popular books and other library materials has been reduced.”

Librarian, PLSJ main branch

I could see a boost in moral just telling staff I had ordered a book sanitizer that would eliminate the need to quarantine! They were so happy.

Lisa Murray- Director
Cardington-Lincoln Public Library- Cardington , OH

We have received the sanitizer and we are using it and like it very much! 

Eileen Nieves
Administrative Coordinator
Kenilworth Public Library
Kenilworth, NJ

With the sanitizer, we have no delay in book distribution. I think we will use it long after the Covid problem is controlled.  It is nice to feel like the book has been cleaned.

Lanae Ritzman
North Summit High School

We took hours and hours of manpower and replaced it with 30 seconds.”

Ricky Statham, Library Director Oneonta Public Library

This machine has been such a wonderful addition to our COVID 19 plan and there is literally no learning curve on how to use it – it is quick, easy and efficient and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a book sanitizer.

Ricky Statham- Library Director- OPL Oneonta, AL

Looks like we got a fantastic product. We are very happy. It’s very quiet which we like.

Peter Agliata, 
Public Library Borough Of Carteret  NJ

So far it is going great! No issues and it is very very easy to use. We have already caught up on all the books we were quarantining.

Jennifer Eldridge
Library Director
Longview Public Library

Love it! It takes such a short time to sterilize (30sec), that it hasn’t caused any problems with distribution of the books. I sterilize close to a hundred books a day.  It’s also very simple to operate and It came completely assembled.

Doris Smith, Librarian

I worked with Fred, and he was fabulous to work with. We are very pleased with the product!! So pleased, we have 2 machines.

Anonymous Librarian Panel Judge

We love this machine. I did a lot of research and I feel it is doing exactly what we need it to do.

Anonymous Librarian Panel Judge

Here at the Cardington-Lincoln Public Library, we are very happy our materials no longer have a quarantine period. All we had to do was take the book sterilizer out of the box, plug it in, and it was ready to go. It could not have been simpler. Thank you!

Lisa Murray- Director
Cardington-Lincoln Public Library- Cardington , OH

“For the safety of the people who work here and the community, this is a good investment!

Library Director, Mary Roberts, Bellaire Public Library, Bellaire, OH

Library Media Boxes

“As the Central Library of Westchester County, the Mount Vernon Public Library focuses on developing unique and current collections that build on technological advances, and serving the diversity of patrons throughout the county. The Library Media Box™ is an example of these Technological Advances.”

Library Director Evania Thompson, Mount Vernon Public Library

Lending Libraries

“Libraries are essential and this allows even more residents that full and free access to essential information that entertains, enlightens, and informs,”

Library Director Anne Marie White, Oliver Wolcott Public Library in Litchfield CT

The people are lining up to wait for the Lending Library to turn on. Minutes before the library ever even closes.

Librarian, Palm Harbor Public Library

Partners By State

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