Innovation for the Modern Library
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Innovative Design

Good design comes from a solid understanding of your needs. Working with PIKinc. means that you are working with a team of experts in the library industry. We have decades of combined experience, but our real expertise is listening. While our solutions aim to solve common problems, we know that every organization is different. We use tried and true design methodologies to make sure that our solutions have the flexibility to solve your problems in a way that works for you.

Innovative Products

PIKinc. products are built with hardware that is simply unmatched. You can trust that a PIKinc product is built to last. Our products also come with a full warranty and extended support options that will keep your system running for years without worry. Let us help you take your next solution from concept to reality!

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Innovative Software

While the physical presence of our solutions can be impressive, the software is where the real patron experience occurs. Our software uses the latest technologies and is always designed to streamline your work, freeing you up to do more important tasks. And of course security is always at the top of our list. We include full integration via SIP2 and NCIP protocols with every solution that requires it so that you know your items are being dispensed to valid patrons.

Why Choose Our Solutions & Products?

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The Numbers Speak Volumes

Our Solutions help increase circulation and reach your patrons, staff, and community where they are at. Whatever your specific need is, we can help you reach it.