Innovation & Automation for the Modern Library

Be a leader with this lending library automation solution!

The PIKinc. Lending Library Kiosk is an innovative dispensing machine that allows libraries to provide books, magazines, CDs, DVDs, video games, audiobooks and eBooks to their patrons 24/7. This kiosk is a convenient extension of your library that is ideal for high traffic areas such as recreation centers, grocery stores, community centers, malls, hospitals, train stations, subway stations and more. This media vending solutions is the perfect outreach kiosk to provide services to neighborhoods that cannot support a full library.

The people are lining up to wait for the Lending Library to turn on. Minutes before the library ever even closes.

Librarian, Palm Harbor Public Library
lending library vending machine


  • Holds up to 500 Items
  • Holds all types of library media including hardcover books, paperback books, DVDs, video games, audio books and more!
  • Complete SIP2 integrations with your ILS
  • Barcode and RFID identification for library card use
  • 72″ H x 37.8″ D x 44″ W
  • 1-year warranty provided for all software and hardware, including coverage for all parts and labor

Optional Features:

  • PIN Pad
  • Graphic Wrap
  • LED Sign
  • Lexan Alternative

“Libraries are essential and this allows even more residents that full and free access to essential information that entertains, enlightens, and informs.”

Anne Marie White – Library Director, Oliver Wolcott Public Library – Litchfield, CT

The Lending Library helps extend the reach of your library by providing your most popular materials in remote locations from your library. It’s the perfect outreach tool! The Lending Library is ideal for giving your patrons the materials they want, when and where they want them:

  • recreation centers
  • community centers
  • grocery stores
  • transportation centers
  • outside your library for 24-hour access (with overhang)

Compared to other lending machines that can cost up to 4 times as much, the PIKinc. Lending Library is truly affordable.


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